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Who are we?

Sommerbolagen Media

Who are we then? ..and why is quality better?
We are not a big company, but our ambition and professional pride make a difference.

We care and see great joy in helping our customers succeed in their outside world communication.

We are the production company of the new age. We develop and produce large and small productions and are often creative partners to our customers in all their communication challenges.   

We have had the privilege of meeting fantastically talented people who are passionate about creating the ultimate media experience. They are part of the Sommerbolagen Media family and work to provide our customers with quality-assured film and media, regardless of design or platform. 

We also produce Tv and drama.. Check for the latest dramaprojects.

Things We do

Along the road we got a big bunch of friends and happy clients!

Some works with expensive things, other with social matters and then we have the ones that improves our world.. And they have all one thing in common - They need to communicate thru film to reach their goals.   That is why they choose us.     

It is all about love and understanding

and of course skills. We are really good at listen to our clients and understanding how we can help them with the relevant media, so their message reaches right in target audience and on the right platforms for optimal results.

See some of Our Clients 

How we do it

THE CUSTOMER IN THE CENTER - See us as one of You. We understand your needs and find the best solution for your media communication.

FAST & SIMPLE - It should be easy for you as a customer to have us as a partner. Call or email, and then it will go quickly.

FREE SUPPORT - Of course, we will help you quickly if any problems arise. We know that time is money for you.

LATEST TECHNIQUES - We use the technology that is best suited for the current production - It will be better for the customer

THE LITTLE EXTRA - When you have us as a partner you know that you can always count on V.I.P treatment.

FUN AT THE JOB - If you feel good at work, the end product will always be better. We have practiced this for the last 25 years.


What will You get?

With us you get a committed and secure partner who loves to create synergy effects around your media communication.

We offer you a plan there we together look at your needs, whether it is about a company presentation, internal / external communication, live-cast, commercials, web-TV, TV shows or anything that reaches audiences across multiple changers and platforms.

We love challenges and "outside the box" projects that benefit our customers.

It is EASY, AFFORDABLE and SAFE to order media from us.

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